Issue 32


Released 9 June 2020

Come and explore the world of birds in our Game Feature on Wingspan. Designer Elizabeth Hargrave recalls the games life cycle, while publisher Jamey Stegmaier recounts the ups and downs of bringing the game to market.  Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably seen the Why Heroquest is so Great video on YouTube.  We manage to track down its creator, The Bard, and find out some of his thoughts about the game, his hobby and YouTube in A Quiet Word With The Bard. The COVID-19 pandemic has been inescapable, with tabletop being hit hard by social distancing and isolation. In Going The Distance we look at how tabletop gamers have coped with the event, while in The Digital Option we explore how people have turned to digital to deliver their tabletop experiences. Running a Kickstarter is an ever evolving process, with the keys to success changing almost daily. So we took some time to look at one recent campaign that came at it from the wrong perspective in How Not To Crowdfund. This plus the return of our ongoing Worlds of Roleplay we meet the warbands of the R the C series, PK Byron talks the D6 in Mastering the Game, news and much more.


  • Wingspan (Game feature)
  • A Quiet Word With The Bard (Interview)
  • Going The Distance
  • The Digital Option
  • How Not To Crowdfund
  • Worlds of Roleplay; Liar’s Gambit: An Itchy Blade Needs to be Scratched
  • Mastering the Game: Return of the D6!
  • R the C: Part 2 – Keep A Weather Eye (Mordheim)
  • News



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