Issue 24


Released 9 June 2018

In this issue we explore what is happening beneath the waves, with an Abyss game feature. Bruno Cathala and Charles Chevallier talk about creating the game, where the world came from, and working together on the title. Game stores are the lifeblood of many communities, and we present the first instalment of the series FLGS Worldwide. This issue we talk to those at BrainHackr and find out what makes a successful FLGS tick. We talk to Damien Vosk about taking a card game into a live performance setting with his show Impov Against Humanity. Would you know what to do if you had to take a game to play in a hospital? Learn the basics of what to consider, and what kinds of games to choose, in Hospital life. Khairul Hamdan returns with part 2 of Put To The Test, this time recounting running a prototype test and analysing the feedback. Owen Top continues to talk making stuff with part 2 of An Itch to Scratch, as he discusses scratch building models. All this plus articles, news and more.


  • Improv Against Humanity (Interview)
  • Leaps and Bounds – Kanga
  • Abyss (Game Feature)
  • Hospital life
  • The Shape of Warhammer
  • Put To The Test: Part 2
  • Terrain Crusade: An Itch To Scratch – Part 2
  • FLGS Worldwide: BrainHackr
  • Never Say Never



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