For all article and image queries, as well advertising prices and specifications, email Matthew (Editor)



Interested in writing for The Campaigner? Email us your article idea and a sample of your work (a url to a piece is fine). Don’t have an article idea, but want to write something anyway? Just email us (again, include a sample piece) with some details on what your interests in writing are (opinion, research, reviews). We can most likely find a subject that will suit your style and interests.



The Campaigner is always on the lookout for creative and talented illustrators to contribute artwork. If you are available for commission work, or have a catalogue of images you would like to make available, contact The Campaigner. Include some samples of your work, or a url to an online portfolio.


Submission Specifications

Article Specifications

Provide articles in a text document, as doc, docx or rtf file format. Images can be included in the text document, but will only be used to reference captions or relative position within the article, and cannot be reproduced in print. Image files must be supplied separately (see Image Specs).

Image Specifications

All images to be supplied at as high a resolution as possible, in either jpg, tiff, eps or psd format. Ultimately all images are printed at 300dpi, so resized or compressed images will most likely not be appropriate. Also, you will need to either hold the copyright for any image supplied, have the appropriate permission from the copyright holder, or utilise copyright free or Creative Commons images. If you are unsure about an image you have, contact The Campaigner.