The Sassoon Files

What terrifying secrets await in the city of Shanghai? Stuart joins forces with Sir Victor Sassoon to weed out the lurking horrors in The Sassoon Files from Sons of the Singularity.


The Complete Armorer’s Handbook

Have a favourite weapon or piece of armour in Dungeons & Dragons that you just don’t want to get rid of? Maybe you don’t have to! Stuart Watkinson gives his old kit a new life as he looks at The Armorer’s Handbook for D&D.


Field Notes – The D&D 5E Character Journal

Is your Dungeons & Dragons character sheet getting a little worn out? Are the notes you take from game sessions piling up to the point of absurdity? Where the hell is that crucial piece of information you jotted down about that shady NPC? Foti hopes to have found a solution to these problems and more with the 5E Character Journals from Field Notes.


The Blood Hunter

Do you have the stomach to take down a fearsome monster all by yourself? Stuart Watkinson steps into the boots of a Blood Hunter as he looks at the D&D adventure, The Blood Hunter.


Drinking Quest in Issue 16

Jason Anarchy Games recently successfully funded a new instalment to the Drinking Quest series. To mark the occasion we look back at the Drinking Quest game feature in Issue 16 with this article extract.


A unique take on RPGs with Flashback

Steampunk. Character development. Epic moments of revelation. And simple storytelling fun. This is what Flashback offers in a nutshell, making it a compelling RPG system to experiment with. Whether it will be another system to join your already vast collection of tabletop roleplay games, or your first RPG, there are a lot of interesting aspects […]



Roleplay which has been recorded, and is available on video streaming services, has proven to be incredibly popular. So much so that it appears to be edging towards its own entertainment medium. In this article extract we talk to the members of one such show, Dicestormers.

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