Skyward in Issue 29

If there is one place humans and robots can go to get along, its the sky. We visit Skyward, the city amongst the clouds, in this issues game feature. Sitting at the feet of the wise Brendan Evans we listen as he explains where the game came from, as well as learn about the artwork side from master craftsman Steven Preston.


Mastering the Game in Issue 29

Just because role play is in the genre name, doesn’t mean that everyone knows how to do it. PK Byron takes a deeper look into the act of role playing, and breaks down how to really successfully bring role play into every game session.


Head to Gen Con in Issue 29

As one of the worlds most prominent, and largest, tabletop conventions is Gen Con. Justin Spicer spent some time at this years event, took some photos, and provided readers with an insight into this long running and important gathering of tabletop hobbyists and industry.


Featured Hobbyist in Issue 29

Featured Hobbyist returns this issue with board gamer Thiago Vasques Mari. He discusses tabletop in Australia and Brazil, taking up the hobby in a new country, and games he hopes to get onto the table.


The Circus Is Coming in Issue 29

Our Mordheim warbands come to a climactic conclusion in part 4  of The Circus Is Coming, Last Band Standing. Will the circus be stopped, or can Chaos grip the already battered city with new levels of terror and evil?


Touch the sky in Issue 29

The release of Issue 29 draws closer. It is just within reach. So what will be gracing the pages of the latest issue? Here is a small selection of some of what will be on offer.

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