This past week on the tabletop

12/01/2020 – 18/01/2020

Image Source: Lucasfilm, Ed Turner

What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week?

A galactic battle between good and evil that never ends. Is ending. Fantasy Flight announce that the dice will roll no more.

Want to write for a magazine? Apart from The Campaigner? Miniature Wargames is taking article pitches.

The grim darkness of the future comes to your TV screens… maybe.

Stonemaier Games revealed what the new Wingspan expansion will be themed around. And in the process pledges to help Australian animals in need.

Featured crowdfunding campaign

Prohibitionists – the card game about taking out the Mob

Think you and your friends can take down the Mob? As part of a special task force manage your resources to find and take down the Boss.

Prohibitionists is a co-operative card game. It has a goal of AUD$5,819 and has raised over AUD$2,400 with 28 days still to go. The campaign is being run by Ed Turner, and is his second, after a previous successfully funded roleplay game.

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