This past week on the tabletop

07/07/2019 – 13/07/2019

Image Source: Wizards of the Coast, Flashback

What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week?

Are we living at the start of Dungeon Master as a profession? There are those who think we are.

Actor Joe Manganiello talked a little about his obsession… Dungeons & Dragons.

PAX Aus 3 day passes are now 75% sold out. Plus free badge mailouts finish at the end of this month.

Games Workshop reveal the most grisly warband for Warcry.

Don’t forget, our ticket giveaway to ConCentric is still on!

Featured crowdfunding campaign

Flashback RPG: A Roleplaying Game About Changing History

What a next generation Roleplaying Game with simple, fun and innovative rules, where players develop their character by adding to their backstory and building personality traits? Then Flashback may be for you. The key difference between Flashback and other RPGs is the advancement system, which uses storytelling techniques inspired by TV and film ‘flashbacks’. Players reveal events and characters from their past to enhance their skills and abilities in the present.

Flashback is a complete RPG system. It has a goal of AUD$8,000 and has so far raised over AUD$1,500 with 28 days still to go. The campaign is being run by Flashback, the creators of the game, and is their first Kickstarter.

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