Dragon Dreams Kickstarter

Want an edge in a battle of dreams? Then more creatures, extra spells and powerful artefacts are just what you need!

Dragon Dreams are boxes of cards for use in Luminous Ages. Included are lands, creatures, spells and much more which can be used as, or added too, a deck. A Kickstarter is on now where backers can get their hands on some of these packs.

The packs are divided into four types; White, Black, Green and Purple. Each type contains cards which tend towards a certain play. For instance Green contains cards which utilise summoning, or augment green and gold cards. Some of the cards are also unique to the pack, and don’t appear in other packs or Dragon Mode.

Dragon Dreams

If you have an existing Luminous Ages deck, but feel it needs improvement, then Dragon Dreams packs are a way to expand your card selection. This is particularly advantageous for players who own Dragon Mode. They can vary their deck creation options by choosing a pack which complements their play style, while also gaining access to a wide variety of cards which allows for experimentation.

For those who read my recent Luminous Ages: Dragon Mode review and have considered taking a look at the game, then this is a great opportunity. The Kickstarter has a number of options, from levels which provide Dragon Mode and a Dragon Dreams pack, to pairings or all four of the Dragon Dreams decks. Whatever option you choose, with the rules available online, you can begin playing as soon as your rewards arrive.

This campaign went live yesterday and has a funding period of 15 days. It has a pledge goal of AUD$2,500 which it has already started working towards meeting. You can read our review of Luminous Ages: Dragon Mode, or find more information on the property itself on the website.

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