This past week on the tabletop

20/05/2018 – 26/05/2018

What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week?

It’s been nearly two decades since he last brought a new show to screens, but Matt Groening has a new animated series coming to Netflix. Called Disenchanted, it follows a hard living princess and her sidekicks in a fantasy world.

Still on shows. Another entry into the annuls of tabletop appearing on television. This time Billions gives Netrunner some hefty screen time.

Games Workshop head into the children’s book market with the Warhammer Adventures series. They come in both Warhammer and 40k flavours.

Got something you want to tell the world? PAXAus has opened its panel submissions.

The Lead Pile gave us the tale of two wargaming events.

Featured crowdfunding game

Helheim Unbound: Core Rulebook

Helheim Unbound

Helheim Unbound is a roleplaying game designed with quick resolutions and narrative play in mind. It can be used as a generic system for practically any setting, but included is an example setting at the dawn of the Viking Age.

The campaign has an AUD$9,583 goal, with AUD$186 currently pledged. It is being run by Nat Skinner, who has unsuccessfully run two campaigns in the past, Helheim RPG – Yggdrasil Burning and Helheim RPG.

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