This past week on the tabletop

14/01/2018 – 20/01/2018

What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week?

Life imitates art in the continuing sage of T2029? Much like Judgement Day itself, the game isn’t gone, just postponed. It will be back.

Sex and drugs and… Uno? Some music fans just couldn’t control that tabletop demon, and had to throw down cards right in the mosh pit.

Bill Gates wants your wood.

In North America and interested in an Asmodee game, but can’t find it at your local game store? One store employee explains what the problem might be.

Get your lesser-used slang on in your next RPG game.

Featured crowdfunding game

Nemesis Board Game

Trapped in a spaceship deep in space, the players must fulfil secret objectives and evade horrific aliens. Danger is on all sides; from the aggressive alien menace to the player’s own crewmates. Can anyone survive, or will the Intruders come out on top?

The crowdfunding campaign has currently met the UK£50,000 goal and has 17 days left to go.

Nemesis is being run and published by Awakened Realms. They have previously funded and fulfilled This War of Mine, with Lords of Hellas currently being manufactured and being sent to backers soon.

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