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In the latest issue of The Campaigner I talked a little about what is happening next year with the publication. If you aren’t up to speed, go read the article Onwards and Upwards in Issue 21 right now.

Part of moving to a formalised subscription format is, as you probably guessed, getting subscribers. The ability to purchase subscriptions online is being worked on right now, to be launched before Issue 23 next year.

Those of you who will be at PAXAus though can get onboard much sooner! The Campaigner is sharing a booth with TGDA (Tabletop Game Designers Australia), where you will be able to purchase a one year subscription for $35. This will start with Issue 23 in 2018, a few months away. So to sweeten the deal the first 120 subscribers will receive a free copy of Issue 21.

This is a great opportunity to support the continued growth of The Campaigner, and secure yourself some awesome print issues sent straight to you at home. Just come and see us at the TGDA booth (TT428) in the Tabletop area of PAXAus 2017.

And if you won’t be at PAXAus, don’t fret. Keep your eye on The Campaigner website for news on how to subscribe online, or for more events The Campaigner will be appearing at.

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