Issue 3 is now available


All your patience has payed off. Today, Issue 3 is released!

What is in this issue? Wreck-Age is a blend of skirmish combat and roleplaying game set on a post-apocalyptic Earth. We talk to the developers about constructing a game world that presents a possible future, combining skirmish and RPG elements, working in a creative commons license, and finding a unique visual style. Mike Bukowski talks to us about his blog, Yog-blogsoth, and how an obsession with Lovecraftian horror can manifest as ragged tomes. Gamer Dad continues, this time Paul talks about Gamer Dad Assistants and how to use them to build and develop your Gamer Lads skills. The prolific force behind River Horse Games, Alessio Cavatore, chats to us about how he got started in game design, what skills a game designer needs, as well as talks about some of his creations. This issues Featured Hobbyist is Terry Masson, a wargamer from Adelaide, South Australia. We feature some of his Warmachine miniatures, as well as talk to him about what the hobby means to him. All this, plus many more articles, opinion pieces and a whole lot more.

As you may know, this issue also marks the start of the $1 digital version trial. The print version is alo available at its full price now, too. These prices will continue for the next three issues, Issue 4, Issue 5 and Issue 6, after which we will review the model and make decisions on how we will proceed in future.

So I hope you enjoy Issue 3. If you have any comments, feedback or questions you can post them here, or email them to use at

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