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This past week on the tabletop

24/12/2017 – 30/12/2017 What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week? The man who cannot die! The ghost who walks! Find out a little about the new Phantom game on Chronicle Chamber. Board game cafes, as a concept, are really starting to attract attention. This time the Christian Science Monitor takes a […]


RPG Dice for the Visually Impaired

A little under a week ago a Kickstarter campaign launched, called RPG dice for the visually impaired. Created by Jessica Goldsmith, the project is to raise funds to create a set of dice usable by those who are visually impaired. The project is inspired by Jessica’s friend and fellow D&D player, Bekah. Bekah is visually […]


Battlefield Noir

The team at Briefly Salmon, which includes regular illustrator for The Campaigner Craig Lee, have made it to the finals of the Battlefield Film Challenge with their animation, Battlefield Noir. It is set in the Battlefield world, but re-imagined as a noir detective monologue. Dark and brooding, it is punctuated by the ridiculousness of online gamer actions. […]