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Issue 22 out now

You knew it was on its way. And here it is! Issue 22 of The Campaigner is released today. In this issue we look back at where The Campaigner came from, who has helped to create it, and where it is going. Derek Maggs talks to Matthew Lee about the trials and tribulations of creating […]


Issue 2 WIP Cover Preview 2

The cover progresses. I am really excited to see how the final piece turn out. Overall the second issue is coming together really nicely, too. From my experience a first issue is easy to put together. The second can sometime be equally as easy, depending on how much impetuous you have maintained from the start. […]


Issue 2 WIP Cover Preview

This is a very early visual for the Issue 2 cover which is being done by the illustrator Daiman Mardon. Most of you probably recognise something from your childhood in this piece. All will be revealed with the release of Issue 2!