These are the regular contributors to The Campaigner, who bring a wealth of knowledge and a love of the hobby. Without them The Campaigner would only be a shadow of what it is.


Matthew LeeMatthew Lee

Editor, Writer

Matthew is the editor and publisher of The Campaigner. When not working on a new issue he is employed as a graphic designer for a media company that develops educational material for Australian schools. Fine art is also an area of interest, and he has been involved with a number of exhibitions.

Since childhood he has played all sorts of tabletop games, focussing on wargames in his teens and young adulthood, and expanding to the Eurogame-inspired titles later in life. Miniature converting and painting is a passion, but with less time to dedicate to whole armies, the focus has moved to working with dioramas and individual figures.

He lives in South Australia, Australia with two dogs, a cat, and a long-suffering but accommodating girlfriend.


Generic profile imageFoti Pitrakkos

Foti writes for the ongoing Worlds of Roleplay section, where he brings his considerable years of experience in roleplay games to bear. Using past games to set the scene, Foti explores how tabletop roleplay can influence and effect the players everyday life. He is from South Australia, Australia.


Generic profile imageTom Rolland

The Dark End of the Street

Tom started out contributing opinion pieces, but slowly moved into writing content, mainly conducting interviews with industry professionals. He lives in the United Kingdom with is wife and child.


Owen TopOwen Top

Terrain For Hippos

Owen Top is an enormous geek who bestrides the war gaming world like a large, terrain obsessed bestriding thing. He made his first piece of terrain at the age of thirteen, having been given the old red Games Workshop terrain book by his loving grandmother. Since then he has learned the value of actually having some figures to check the size of your buildings against (about 20,000 points of Warhammer Chaos at last count along with several other armies for several other systems). He is from Victoria, Australia, an active member of the Hampton Games Club, founder of the Gippsland Gamers club, and co-creator of Gippsland GeekFest, as well as running his internationally acclaimed blog, Terrain For Hippos. He has spent the last five years working on the blog, proving that terrain is simple enough that hippos can build it, and that some gamers do not like their terrain articles narrated by cartoon characters.

He spends his spare time desperately trying to catch up with all the commissions he’s accepted so he can actually post some original content to Terrain For Hippos.

Owen is a professional media teacher, an expert on bad cinema, owner of an enormous collection of old VHS tapes, and a rabid audiobook enthusiast. He lists his interests as film making, science fiction, Lego, obscure words, model building, gaming, terrain making and bestriding the war gaming world like a big, terrain obsessed bestriding thing[1].

He looks exactly like Johnny Depp would look if Johnny Depp looked exactly like Owen Top. With a goatee.

[1] And footnotes.


Generic profile imagePaul O’Grady

The Man Cave

Originally from Australia, Paul is a firm believer in parents teaching their kids about tabletop games. This interest inspired him to create the Gamer Dad series, and share his knowledge with the other Gamer Dads. He is currently taking a break, after writing a number of articles under the Gamer Dad banner, and has moved to the USA.


Generic profile imageChristian Heffernan

on Facebook

Christian has been a gamer for about 20 years now. He spent a short time at TAFE and gained an Advanced Diploma of Advertising and Graphic Design. His lecturers encouraged him to continue his study of illustration, and so he continued on to university after finishing at TAFE. There he studied a Bachelor of Visual Communication in the illustration stream, which he completed. Currently he is working on his illustrative craft, focusing on the style often featured in The Campaigner as well as a more cartoony style. He hopes to get into childrens book illustration or magazine work.


Craig LeeCraig Lee

Craig is a concept artist, illustrator and animator who has done work for game and film. He specialises in fantasy and sci-fi, and is skilled at adapting real-world sensibilities into fantastical characters and locations.

A life long gamer, he cut his teeth playing the tabletop wargame Warhammer in his pre-teens until early adulthood. His game playing focus turned to the digital medium thereafter, though he still takes to the tabletop on occassion.

He lives in New South Wales, Australia and is available for commission and freelance illustration work.