What The Campaigner is about

Wargame and miniature magazines abound. However, the vast majority are created to service a particular company or system. This means content is inevitably focussed on the parts of the hobby directly related to the companies product line. While this is a totally acceptable and legitimate approach, it also means a large chunk of the other aspects of the hobby are ignored.

The Campaigner hopes to offer hobbyists content that both interests and educates them. To provide them with the right tools to sensibly and realistically approach any challenges that come their way. Content that covers the considerations of everyday enthusiasts and allows them to better engage in their hobby. Quite importantly, The Campaigner will present a considered and professional approach that will provide the community with a unified front. A voice that will speak not for the products, but for the people.


Why a magazine?

A printed publication brings with it a level of immediate respect and professionalism. Including an article in a printed publication is a commitment. It cannot be deleted later, or amended. So it must be something the publication can stand by. This in turn lends legitimacy to the publication as a whole. If the quality of the publication is good and relevant, it will survive.

What The Campaigner hopes to become, by providing a printed publication, is a trusted and recognisable identity that supports the hobbyist community. A brand that appeals not just to the hobbyists, but projects a professional and considered image to the public. Something that hobbyists can rally behind, or alternatively, can have step forward as their collective representative.


Adverts and distribution

The Campaigner will be available through a print-on-demand service offered by HP Magcloud. They handle all the printing, sales and distribution, which means that leaves more time for The Campaigner staff to focus on the magazine itself. Each issue will also be available to buy through HP Magcloud as a digital PDF.

HP Magcloud prices are determined by page count and size, with the addition of any postal charges. A mark-up can then be added by the publisher on top of this. We will endeavour to keep The Campaigner as affordable as possible. This will mean a very slight mark-up on each issue, a dollar or less, while the digital PDFs will be roughly a dollar to purchase.

The magazine does still have some cost associated with creating it, mainly in upkeep of the online presence and purchasing materials for articles. Therefore each issue will contain a small selection of adverts to help absorb this cost. The intent is not to get rich off of advertising, but to ensure that the magazine can maintain to provide the level of quality it strives for.


Mission Statement

The Campaigner seeks to reward originality and creativity, as well as pass on beneficial knowledge to the entire community. This means working with the community itself, as well as the companies that service it, to provide unbiased and honest information. The magazine also supports opinion pieces, so that new outlooks and points of view can be discovered by the community in a ‘troll free’ environment.


  • To provide a unique and independent voice for the hobbyists of the world.
  • To address all aspects of the hobby, not just those connected to commercial companies.
  • To provide content that teaches new skills, or improves existing ones.
  • To explore the inner workings of the hobby while providing an insight into the craft of the industry.
  • To explore what it means to be a hobbyist and tabletop wargamer today and tackle issues that are not normally addressed in other media.
  • To not just cover what is new, but what succeeds on a creative and design level.
  • To inspire the readers to think differently or critically about the hobby, their place in it and how this impacts the entire world.
  • To provide a level of legitimacy within the wider world to the issues, concerns and beliefs of hobbyists everywhere.

It’s not just a hobby, it’s a way of life.