The Stars Align – Preview

Posted by Matthew on November 22nd, 2017

The Stars Align

Looking up at the night sky people see many things. Unexplored galaxies, unfathomable distances away. Portents and omens of the future, and things to come. Glowing bugs, lost in the darkened sky. Savage Yeti Games looked up and saw a game.

I had a chance to take a look at a version of The Stars Align at PAXAus a few weekends back. The aim is to make a line of your colour stars, from edge to edge of the play area. Stars are placed according to shapes indicated on cards drawn from a deck. Empty spaces have stars placed on them, while occupied spaces have the star flipped to the other, opposing players, side.

Each completed line adds a piece to the player’s star counter. Completing the star counter ends the game, and makes the owner of the finished star the winner.

It is an uncomplicated abstract mechanic which works great when coupled with a general and simplistic theme like stars. There are only a handful of rules to remember, so it looks like it will appeal to wide audience. Great for families, especially those with children who enjoy a challenge. However, at the moment it is only two players, which limits its suitability in some settings.

The Stars Align

The copy I looked at was a production proof version, which gave a good indication of the quality and experience the finished game will have. The star tokens were really well produced, being made of a light wood which gave placing the pieces a nice tactile feel. The cards too were nicely made and designed, and it was easy to interpret the shapes that they indicated. Lastly, the whole thing came in a fantastic cloth bag, the back of which doubled as the games play area.

Overall The Stars Align looks like a nice, subdued game which should interest those who enjoy reflective gameplay and tactical decision making. If the production proof version I looked at is anything to go by, it is also a great looking and tactile title which is sure to engage a wide range of audiences.

Savage Yeti Games have partnered with Breaking Games, a part of AdMagic, to publish and promote The Stars Align. At the moment the game is planned to be released some time next year.

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