The question of crowdfunding

Posted by Matthew on February 9th, 2017

The question of crowdfunding

A few days ago Polygon published an article titled Crowdfunding for video games was down in 2016. It is an insightful, though shallow, look into how crowdfunding fared last year. Particularly for games.

Take a look at the article. It gives a nice overview on how many successful game projects there were, how much this earned, as well as the establishment of some new crowdfunding platforms.

Most interesting to me was seeing the data about the increase in successful tabletop campaigns. And even though this increased number of successful campaigns earned less in total than less tabletop campaigns did the year before, I see this as a good thing.

It looks like tabletop is getting a handle on its place in crowdfunding, and how to best utilise the system. We are finding equilibrium between successfully supporting small projects, and still pushing through the huge titles like Scythe and Kingdom Death.

As the article points out, there is no real hard data (at least, that Polygon has access too) which can provide insight into why this is. So, why do you think tabletop has performed considerably better on crowdfunding than digital has?

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