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Posted by Matthew on January 3rd, 2017

Pop Con

This year will see a brand new convention being held in South Australia. Called Pop Con, it will be on 14-15 January, and focus on a number of aspects of gaming. One of the conventions organisers, Kosta Karatsinidis, talked to us about the event.

Can you briefly explain what, and where, Pop Con is?

Pop Con is a convention run by the Pop Club SA designed to bring the three areas of gaming together for people to sample and see what they enjoy playing. It will be held at the Thebarton Community Centre, corner of South Rd and Ashwin Parade.

What is Pop Club SA? Why has it decided to hold a convention?

Pop Club SA is a social club geared towards Gamers who enjoy playing in a friendly laid back environment. We had a lot of interest building over the last year and we thought this would be the best way to get all three corners interacting over a weekend of gaming.

Pop Club SA

Pop Club SA

What kinds of activities can people look forward too at Pop Con?

Pop Con goers can expect an array of tabletop games including role playing with special guest GM Tony Pettersen running his game Bloody Quest, as well as trading card games where we’ll be hosting introduction sessions to get them straight into the action! We’ve also got a few video game competitions running, including the fourth instalment of the Adelaide Splatoon LAN series “Heaps Fresh”.

This first Pop Con has three game focuses; console, role play and trading card. Why have you decided on these three in particular?

These three areas are what Pop Club focuses on regularly. It comes down to the people we have coordinating pop club. I run the RPG’s, and the other coordinators John and Hayley run the trading card and console gaming respectively.

Are there plans to expand into other games or activities, like board games, in future Pop Cons?

Not in the immediate future no, we wanted to start with the basics and work our way up from here. With any luck next year will see a Pop Con bigger and better than the first.

What about Pop Con are you personally most looking forward too?

Finishing the weekend with my sanity intact. In all seriousness I am super excited to see all the new faces that this event will be bringing in.

Tickets to Pop Con are available now from Eventbrite. You can learn more about the event, and keep up-to-date, on the Pop Con Facebook page.

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