This past week on the tabletop

Posted by Matthew on June 5th, 2016

This past week on the tabletop

29/05/2016 –04/06/2016

What happened in the world of tabletop over the last week?

If the release of Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower doesn’t grab you, then why not dive into the depths of board game RPGs and try the classic Hero Quest. YouTube creator BardicBroadcasts provided a good six minutes of reasons to play it. Broadsword!

Power to the Meeple provide a recording of a PAX East panel featuring Matt Fantastic, Anna Fisher, Shari Spiro and Tavis Parker. It’s an interesting discussion on tabletop game manufacturing.

It turns out King Tutankhamun had a space dagger. Let’s call it… Starpiercer.

Revelist talks to illustrator and game developer Emre C. Deniz about his #FemaleSpaceMarines project. It’s a collection of Disney Princesses armoured and armed as Space Marines from Warhammer 40,000. But it also has a very specific message behind it.

Some of the new Kickstarters from this week:

This is not an endorsement of any of these games, creators or Kickstarter campaigns.

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