Issue 16 released today

Posted by Matthew on June 9th, 2016

The Campaigner Issue 16

The wait is over, Issue 16 is here! What is on the menu this issue?

This issue features the fantasy roleplay game Drinking Quest. We talk to the games designer and publisher, Jason Anarchy, about the inception and execution of a game which merges drinking games and rpgs. Five of the popular YouTube roleplay group Dicestormers discuss the show, how recording affects their games, and where the team is headed. We look at TableTop Day once again, and explore two events which both embody the day’s ideals, while each being unique in their own right. All this plus Worlds of Roleplay, Terrain Crusade, Featured Hobbyist Kye Twosheds, and much more.

As always, download a free PDF from the page, or head over to MagCloud to order your print-on-demand copy.

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