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Posted by Matthew on November 21st, 2015

Catan SoundSet

Syrinscape revealed their latest creation, the Syrinscape Board Game Player. Free to download, it comes with sounds that can be used with a wide variety of classic games like Chess and Soduku. Compatible with PC, Mac, Android, Tablets, iPads and iPhones, it provides players with an authentic-sounding and fully randomized dice roller, “oohs”, “aahs”, and “huzzahs”, as well as various music stings.
During the launch of the app a trio of SoundSets were also released, for Settlers of Catan, Spellcaster and Spike. All are official releases supported by Mayfair Games and R&R Games Inc.

The Catan SoundSet includes a Catan™ theme song, a randomized 2d6 dice roll, the Knight, the Robber, the ambient sounds of bustling cities and tranquil country sides, the chopping of trees, myriad animal sounds, and much more.

The Spellcaster Soundset contains more than 60 specific spells sounds, each with male and female incantations and ground shaking activations. There is also a selection of background music, soundscapes, and other samples.

The Spike SoundSet contains train whistles, upgrade sounds, the sounds of loading various different cargos, cows, sheep and horses. It also contains a selection of background music, soundscapes, and other samples.

Each SoundSet is available from Syrinscape for AUD$9.99, while the program itself is available to download for free from the website.

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