PAXAus for tabletop gamers

Posted by Matthew on October 23rd, 2015


PAXAus is only a week away. So now is the time to sort out what great panels and events you absolutely can’t miss. Luckily, PAXAus has a handy schedule you can take a look at. To make things easier (or harder), let’s look at some of the great content on offer.

  • Learn to Play El Luchador Fantastico Grande (Friday 10am)
  • King of Tokyo Mini Tournament (Friday 11am)
  • Magic: The Gathering 64 player Sealed Deck Tournament (Friday 12pm)
  • Live RPG+ (Friday 12pm)
  • Geek Parenting: Cool Things To Do & Play (Friday 12:30pm)
  • Gaming Blind – Accessibility and Tabletop Games (Friday 2pm)
  • Video Games or Tabletop? Why Not Have Both? (Friday 3pm)
  • Boardgames Australia Presents: Meet the Designer (Friday 7pm)
  • Drawing From The Abyss: Art in the World of Tabletop Gaming (Friday 9:30pm)
  • Getting Your Indie Tabletop Game Made! (Saturday 2pm)
  • El Luchador Fantastico Grande Tournament (Saturday 3pm)
  • Late Night Werewolf (Saturday 7pm)
  • Kickā€¦ Stop!: Before You Crowd-Fund Your Game (Sunday 10am)
  • Boardgames Australia presents: Meet the Designer (Sunday 12pm)
  • Welcoming Newbies to the Gaming Table (Sunday 12:30pm)
  • Growing Local Board Game Design Communities (Sunday 3pm)
  • Behind the Game Masters Screen: Make Good RPG Sessions Great (Sunday 5pm)

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  1. And hippos will be on hand to talk about terrain!

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