Bryan Ansell is 60 years old today

Posted by Matthew on October 11th, 2015

Bryan Ansell

Today is Bryan Ansell’s 60th birthday. Those of you who followed everything Games Workshop in the heady days of the past will know the name. For those who do not, here is a brief history lesson.

Bryan Ansell was the founder and designer for UK figure company Asgard Miniatures. In 1979 Games Workshop formed a partnership with Ansell to found a new company called Citadel Miniatures. While in this partnership Bryan helped design Warhammer Fantasy Battle with Rick Priestley and Richard Halliwell. By 1985 Bryan was appointed the Managing Director of Games Workshop. He later sold Games Workshop to Tom Kirby, and left to concentrate on his new company Wargames Foundry. Wargames Foundry continues to this day, and sells a range of metal figures for historical, sci-fi and fantasy war gaming.

You can read two excellent interviews with Bryan on Realm of Chaos 80s, The Mighty Avenger: An interview with Bryan Ansell and Return of the Mighty Avenger: A second interview with Bryan Ansell. Happy Birthday Bryan!

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