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A love letter to Dungeons & Dragons

Earlier this month Zak Smith over on the website Vice wrote a really earnest article directed at Dungeons & Dragons. Called Why I Still Love ‘Dungeons & Dragons’ in the Age of Video Games in it he explores the games origins and purpose. But it is the recounting of his experiences with the game that […]


Petition directed at Games Workshop

A petition aimed at Games Workshop has been making the rounds recently. Created by Evan “Gothmog” Valdyke from Florida, it is titled ‘Refocus your business model on the sale of a game and support of a gaming community vice (sic) the pure sale of collectible miniatures.‘ The basic thrust of the petition is requesting Games […]


Creative Challenge submission date extension

I have not been well the last few weeks, which unfortunately coincided with the final weeks of the Creative Challenge. So I didn’t have much chance to address participant questions and just generally follow up with everyone’s progress. As such, the submission date is being extended by two weeks. The submission date is now 22 […]