Sentinel Tactics tournaments in Australia

Posted by Matthew on May 21st, 2015

Sentinel Tactics

From the 23rd of May until the 28th of June, Greater Than Games is running a series of tournaments for Sentinel Tactics. They will be held primarily on the east coast of Australia, in Melbourne, Toowoomba, Brisbane, Canberra and Sydney. You can either come as a team of three, or you can be teamed up with someone on the day. All members of the top two teams from each event will receive a 3-day pass to PAXAus, where the Oceanic Grand Finals will be held.

Details for the events are:

  • 23rd-24th May: Melbourne – The Games Laboratory (free entry, top 2 teams win PAX Australia 3-day passes)
  • 30th May: Toowoomba – Battlestations Games (free entry, winning team wins PAX Australia 3-day passes)
  • 6th-7th June: Brisbane – Good Games Brisbane (free entry, top 2 teams win PAX Australia 3-day passes)
  • 20th-21st: Canberra – Jolt Games (free entry, top 2 teams win PAX Australia 3-day passes)
  • 27th-28th: Sydney – Good Games Town Hall ($20/team entry; top 2 teams win PAX Australia 3-day passes, top 4 teams win in-store credit)

In Sentinel Tactics is a hex-grid based tactical combat game. You play as a team of superheroes and supervillains, going up against another team of superpowered characters in a fast, tactical miniatures game. There are the options to go head-to-head in skirmish play, or to experience a narrative by playing through the included scenario books.

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