Kicking it with a post-mortem and a list

Posted by Matthew on April 20th, 2015


Within a matter of days two really interesting articles related to Kickstarter appeared online.

The first is by Al Caynes, game designer at Senyac Games. He provides a very honest post-mortem analysis of El Luchadore Fantastico Grandes Kickstarter campaign. In it he touches on subjects such as the original campaign and the changes he made, as well as provides some helpful statistics, graphs and diagrams that breaks down some of the key aspects of the campaign.

The other is an article on the Examiner website by Michael Tresca. Titled 10 tactics Kickstarter tabletop creators need to stop, in it Michael explores ten of the most commonly utilised and overused game features in Kickstarter games. While the list isn’t particularly detailed, and arguments can be made for and against each point, it is still a useful insight into some popular yet contentious aspects of Kickstarter games.

What are your thoughts, either on how Al handled El Luchadore Fantastico Grande once you take a look at the data, or on Michael’s list?

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