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Posted by Matthew on January 6th, 2015

Peasant revolt artwork

The people are revolting! Syrinscape has announced an open call for voices and sounds to include in the upcoming peasants revolt soundset.

They are asking fans to submit their own self-recorded sounds, including wooden crashes, shattering glass, screams, yells, group chanting, and other sounds players associate with the a peasants revolt. Everyone who contributes a sound will receive the final Peasants Revolt SoundSet for free, as well as a name credit on the product page. Entries can be submitted directly via email, on Facebook, or a file sharing service, such as Dropbox. Additional details on how and what to submit can be found on the Syrinscape website.

The event is to celebrate the launch of Syrinscape’s SoundSet Creator later this month. Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes will use the new app to build a community-sourced Peasants Revolt SoundSet from the fan-submitted sounds. The process of turning the random sounds into a rich and engaging SoundSet will be documented via a series of YouTube videos, to serve as tutorials for players wanting to create their own environments. The SoundSet Creator is slated for a January 28.

You can read more about Syrinscape and Benjamin Loomes in Issue 10 of The Campaigner.

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  1. Haven’t sent the good people at Syrinscape a sound for the community sourced SoundSet, “Peasants’ Revolt”? Here’s how to do it using your iPhone or Android.

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