This Is War: Opening Skirmish – Bolt Action tournament

Posted by Brad Morris on December 12th, 2014

Bolt Action tournament

Today’s special guest contributer is Brad Morris. He ran the recent Bolt Action tournament ‘This Is War: Opening Skirmish’ at the Hampton Game Club on 6 December. In this piece Brad briefly takes us through the days events. You can find a gallery of photos taken at the event, by Owen Top, on The Campaigner Facebook page.


On the 6th of December, representatives from set up and ran a one day Bolt Action tournament/open games day at the Hampton Games Club. Ten players competed in the event and many other interested parties dropped by to check out how the game works. Bolt Action is a 28mm World War Two game written by former Games Workshop games designers and all around hobby gods Alessio Calvatore and Rick Priestly.

As World War Two spanned multiple theatres and continents, we endeavoured to have tables that could work across the war. As a result we had a Normany bocage table with rows of hedgerows, a desert town table, a northern European snow/winter table, a desert table with rolling dunes and a bombed out European village at the edge of a forest. As Bolt Action has rules for roads, walls, hedgerows, ruins, forests and buildings; we tried to mix these terrain features in differing amounts and densities across the various boards.

Players took beautifully painted themed armies from all the major powers involved in World War 2. They looked fantastic on the tables of beautiful terrain provided by and The Hampton Games Club.

We had fantastic sponsorship from Warlord Games, War and Peace Games (the Australian distributor of Warlord Games), and War & Peace Games. As a result, every player was able to walk away with significant additions to their armies.

We are looking forward to running another similar style event in February as part of the run up to our Bolt Action event at next year’s inaugural (Melbourne based game convention) This Is War. Hope to see you there.


Link: This Is War: Opening Skirmish Gallery

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