Terrain For Hippos masterclasses at CanCon

Posted by Matthew on December 30th, 2014

Owen Top hard at work

Next year at Cancon, Owen Top from Terrain For Hippos will be running a number of terrain masterclasses. This is a rare opportunity to see the man in action, and learn some of the tricks of the terrain building trade.

From Owen’s press release:

Sinister associates of the dread clan Top, initiates into dark and secret arts and bearers of the solemn knowledge that the hippo is the greatest of creatures, I bring news.

Due to sinister machinations, sinister masterclasses will be occuring at Cancon this year, in which sinister arts will be taught by sinister individuals to sinister students in a manner which can only be described as sinister. Aye, full well has the House of Top managed to wrangle Terrain For Hippos master classes!

And go forth to book.


Bookings are currently open and can be made through the Southern Battle Gamers website. Sessions available are on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. They are AUD$15 each, and limited to ten participants per session. So get in quick.

Cancon will be held on 24-26 January 2015.

Owen Top writes the popular Terrain Crusade articles that appear in The Campaigner, as well as provides tutorials on his website Terrain For Hippos.

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