Is There A Design In Every Gamer?

Posted by Matthew on December 22nd, 2014

A game prototype

I recently gave Episode 13 of the Whose Turn Is It Anyway podcast a listen. In it, they discussed the idea whether there is a design in every gamer. Much like the concept that in each person there is a book, the Whose Turn Is It Anyway cast pondered on the idea that every tabletop gamer has a game design just waiting to be put to cardboard. Give the episode a listen, there are some interesting insights.

To me, though, this question can only result in one conclusion. That there is a game design in every gamer.

When you seriously analyse this premise as a practical exercise then you meet the inevitable roadblocks. But much like the original book in every person idea, this is a thought experiment on the potential within each individual. It is about the promise of creation, not the hard work of development and manufacture.

And this promise is universal. No matter if you have years of experience with games, or none at all, everyone has the equal opportunity to construct a set of game mechanics and apply them to a theme or setting. That isn’t to say that this game design will be any good. Or successful. But the fundamental potential is there.

This is a thought experiment that should be used to educate and inspire those who have never designed a game before. True, in order to create a enjoyable and successful game they will need to work hard, and develop their ideas. And this may require some research and learning about the basics of game design and mechanics.

But the very base thing that will drive them forward and make them undertake this endeavour is something they already possess.

Website Reference: Whose Turn Is It Anyway Episode 13

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