Ships, Pirates and Wild West scenery Kickstarter

Posted by Matthew on July 8th, 2014
An example of the scenery

Image Credit: Renaissance Miniatures

If you are interested in pirates or the Wild West, then this is the Kickstarter terrain set for you. Renaissance Miniatures recently launched a Kickstarter to fund the production of a series of terrain featuring pirate and Wild West elements. Pieces that are available are ships, quays, buildings, and a lot more, all created in laser-cut plywood.

Example of the scenery

Image Credit: Renaissance Miniatures

Renaissance Miniatures are looking for USD$10,000 to successfully fund. With 30 days left, 49 backers have already pledged USD$8,551. So it looks like this project is well on its way.

Website Reference: Ships, Pirates and WildWest Terrain for 28mm Gamers

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