RPG Dice for the Visually Impaired

Posted by Matthew on June 13th, 2014
RPG dice for the visually impaired

Image Credit: Jessica Goldsmith

A little under a week ago a Kickstarter campaign launched, called RPG dice for the visually impaired. Created by Jessica Goldsmith, the project is to raise funds to create a set of dice usable by those who are visually impaired. The project is inspired by Jessica’s friend and fellow D&D player, Bekah. Bekah is visually impaired, and as the promotional video asserts, pretty cool.

The dice will be created using 3D printing. There are a number of technical hurdles, mainly in regards to creating a dice design that will not damage the Braille components. At the moment it seems Jessica has solved this problem, and is now in the stages of minor adjustments to the dice designs.

After less than a week the project has not only met its goal of USD$1000, but is currently just shy of USD$3500. The additional funding should allow Jessica to create better quality dice by utilising a more expensive 3D printer.

Dice comparison

Image Credit: Jessica Goldsmith

Dice like these could prove to be incredibly useful to many tabletop gamers, not just D&D players. Even if no one you know has a visual impairment now, you never know who you may meet, and want to play against, in the future.

You can read more about what has inspired Jessica to run this project, as well as some of the issues with including Braille on dice, on the RPG dice for the visually impaired Kickstarter project page.

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