Wargaming table Kickstarter by 4thWar Equipment

Posted by Matthew on April 30th, 2014
4thWar Wargaming Table

Image Credit: 4thWar Equipment

Looking for a relatively cheap and portable wargaming table? Then maybe this is the wargaming table for you.

Not long ago 4thWar Equipment launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a unique wargaming table. Constructed entirely from cardboard, this table design folds up and inserts into a carry bag. The basic version contains three segments that fold out and connect using a magnetic strip to create a table 48 inches by 72 inches.

The Kickstarter has a target of USD$99,000 to successfully fund, which is quite a hefty amount. So far they have been posting regular updates, exhibiting the virtues of the cardboard design, such as the weight it can handle.

4th War Equipment is an Italian company, based in Italy. As such the production and postage costs of the Kickstarter reflect this.

Some people have been sceptical about a table constructed with cardboard. There have been questions about durability, stability and strength, all of which 4thWar Equipment has promised to address in coming updates. Certainly, this is the perfect solution to some very specific problems. Whether these problems are common enough to bring the project its targeted USD$99,000 will remain to be seen.

Website: 4thWar Equipment – Wargaming Table

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