A look at the Fimir

Posted by Matthew on April 9th, 2014

A look at the Fimir

Luke, over at the blog Terminally Incoherent, has posted a fascinating and well researched article on the Fimir. As well as delve into the Fimirs history within the Warhammer world, he has also explored the process behind the Fimirs creation, introduction and eventual near abandonment within the game system. There are even short insights from the Fimirs creators, Graeme Davis, Jes Goodwin and Tony Ackland.

This is a really interesting article, not only for Oldhammer and Games Workshop fans, but for game designers in general. You get to see the basics behind creating a fantasy race from scratch, as well as some of the pitfalls in bringing them to life.

Website: Terminally Incoherent – Bizarre Bestiary: Fimir


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