Branded for PAX

Posted by Matthew on June 27th, 2013

PAX Australia isn’t far away, about 21 days. I have all the important stuff organised, like my press pass, accommodation and travel. I even have my new business cards, which you saw earlier. What I haven’t done yet is create my The Campaigner branded clothing.

There were two options open to me. The first was heat transfer. This was quite affordable, and if done by a local printing place, would come out looking quite nice. The only drawback was that heat transfers don’t translate well onto black clothing.

I have always wanted to try my hand at screen printing. Back at the start of the century, I spent a few weeks working at a screen printing company, and have always been interested to see what I could achieve at home. By coincidence, I also happen to have some old screen printing screens laying around.

So a few weeks ago I picked up some emulsion and some fabric ink. I ran a couple of disastrous tests, but through trial and error I managed to get the basic process of exposing a screen, applying the ink and cleaning up.

With a little confidence behind me, I made an attempt at printing The Campaigner logo onto five shirts and one hooded jacket. A short photo essay of the process follows.

The screen drying

After exposing the screen it is cleaned out and left to dry.


Freshly washed, five shirts and one hooded jacket.


Applying the ink to a shirt.


Ironing ‘seals’ the ink, protecting it during washing. An old rag stops excess ink from getting on the iron.


A shirt and the hooded jacket drying. Not all of the five shirts turned out perfect, but enough were successful to last me the three days of PAX.




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