Questions and Answers

Posted by Matthew on September 21st, 2012

Questions and Answers

It has been ten days since Issue 1 of The Campaigner was released, and the reception so far has been quite positive. Still, this is a magazine of the people, and in that spirit there are a few commonly asked questions I should answer.

Why do I have to register to download the PDF? Why don’t you offer it on your website?

This is a requirement of the system we are using, Magcloud. In order to gain a bit of interest, and give people to opportunity to see what The Campaigner is all about, the first and second issues will be available as free downloads on Magcloud. After this subsequent PDF issues will have a small charge associated with it, no more than a dollar. We felt is was important to get people acquainted with the system.

However, we understand that registering with Magcloud is a big ask when you don’t know if The Campaigner is really your thing. So we will offer Issue 1 as a PDF download on this website, as well as Issue 2 when it is released. We are doing this because you asked us too, and because it benefits the community as a whole.

But why use Magcloud at all?

The Campaigner is created primarily as a print publication. Magcloud is the best way for us to make the magazine available as a print edition, to the world, without a massive monetary outlay.

Magcloud is only the first phase, though. The intention is to build a readership, which will let us establish a base to work from. Then we can move into producing the magazine ourselves, which will also mean we can offer compensation for contributors, as well as control the price of each issue better.

How much is each issue going to cost?

As mentioned before, from Issue 3 onward a downloadable PDF version will be available for a dollar. The print edition will never break the $10 mark.

Are your articles and contributors real? Or is this a case of ‘fake it ‘till you make it’?

Everything is real and official. We won’t run news unless we can confirm the facts. We won’t feature games unless we can speak to the creators. And we go to those with the knowledge on a subject.

Where can I buy a print copy?

You can order as many copies from Magcloud as you wish. We are also in discussions with a number of hobby shops to see how much interest there is in carrying printed copies. At the moment if you live in South Australia you can go to Gamers Guild at Christies Beach and buy printed copies.

Talk to your local hobby shop owner about The Campaigner, and get them to give us an email. Alternatively, email us the details of your local hobby shop and we can get in touch with them.


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