Issue 1 Update

Posted by Matthew on July 23rd, 2012

Issue 1 continues to come together.

Finished articles have started to be set up in layout. Currently there are 21 pages in the layout with articles, with yet more to come. It looks like the first issue will be at least 40 pages long, not a bad effort by all accounts.

We are still accepting contributions for Issue 1, though the window is fast closing for you to have your work included in the inaugural issue. Not to worry, though, as Issue 2 is also in development. So if you just miss the first issue, you will likely see your work appear in Issue 2.

If you have any questions or suggestions on writing an article, then just email us at The Campaigner.

And as always,  The Campaigner need your support. You can find pre-made banners and other graphics on the Support page. Use them on forums, your blog, or where ever else you know tabletop wargamers and hobbyists are.

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