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Issue 1 Update

Issue 1 continues to come together. Finished articles have started to be set up in layout. Currently there are 21 pages in the layout with articles, with yet more to come. It looks like the first issue will be at least 40 pages long, not a bad effort by all accounts. We are still accepting […]


Say cheese!

Today I attended the photo shoot for the first Creative Challenge submissions. Many thanks go to the photographer James Barry, who took some time out of his schedule of shooting full size alive people to take pictures of tiny inanimate people. We cleared a space for him in a corner, he set up proper lighting, […]


The march begins

The Campaigner has started its march towards the first issue. Already two articles are completed and placed onto the layout. Many more are still in the writing and editing phases. At the moment the goal is to get the first issue completed and released in early September. It isn’t too late to secure your place […]